KickAss Keto Program

A Keto Diet Program Unlike Any Other

Have you tried eating healthy, only to find yourself going back to your “old ways” in just a few short weeks?

So many people I meet answer “YES” to that exact question….

And despite being unhappy deep-down, they’ve convinced themselves that nothing can be done.

Maybe they’ve tried to eat healthy before, or hired a personal trainer, only to burn out a few weeks later…Yes in almost all cases, while they might have tried new diets or exercise regimens, the majority haven’t done the ONE THING that can transform your body into a lean, fat-burning machine.

What is the “ONE THING” I’m talking about?

It’s the KickAss Keto program.

Our bodies are built needing certain foods, vitamins, and minerals…and the keto diet is the only diet that provides our body with exact nutrition it needs to run at optimal performance (meaning it burns fat a lot quicker).

Do You Have a Desire to Get In Shape?

A desire that you think of every single day…yet no mater how hard you try it remains just that…a desire

You tell yourself that you’ll “start eating healthy” or join the gym “next week” …

But in reality, no matter how hard you try, things stay the same.

New diets and workout plans feel great at first…but weeks, or even days later, you give in to your cravings and end up back at square one.

This is where the KickAss Keto program can be so effective.

Because the Keto diet is EXACTLY what our body needs.

Don’t just take my word for it – a simple “google” search will show you it’s accepted by almost all nutritionists, health practitioners and scientists.

But on its own, the Keto diet isn’t always enough. It’s hard to know what to eat… when to eat… how to workout.

And even on this “designed for our body” diet, it often proves too much for a lot of dieters.

Thankfully, I have a solution, and it’s called:

The KickAss Keto Program

I know it takes more than just following a nutrition plan to transform your body, and that’s why I created the KickAss Keto program.

KickAss Keto is a comprehensive program that gives you everything you need to start losing weight – FAST-

And it offers a HUGE range of tools and resources to make sure you get the results you want.

It’s all based on scientifically-proven date to help men and women get in the best shape of their lives, and live a happier, healthier life.

And just take a moment to picture that.

Picture yourself in just 6 weeks leaner, slimmer, and packed full of energy you haven’t felt in years.

Imagine waking up every single morning and feeling GREAT when you look in the mirror.

Imagine being able to see– on a near daily basis – your waistline shrinking, belly fat disappearing… WITHOUT feeling tired, fatigued or depressed…

And imagine how great you’ll feel when you realize it’s NOT hard to lose weight (and stay slim), when you eat the right Keto diet.

Woman Smiling - Feel Amazing - Benefit of Keto Diet Program by Dr. Tara Clapp, ND

The KickAss Keto program helps your body melt away fat, restoring your self-confidence and giving you a body to be proud of.

Each morning you’ll wake up feeling GREAT…with more energy, more motivation and more confidence.

And this new, healthy you is here to stay. Food cravings will be a thing of the past!

Most Keto diet “experts” give advice that makes it harder to lose weight and get healthy…

…and you deserve to know WHY Keto diets fail for some people and how to avoid the same problems.

“If your diet isn’t working for you, then you’re not doing it right”

Those are NOT my words, and that’s NOT what I believe. But I hear so many Keto “experts” say that. It’s not true – people only say that when they don’t know how to help you.

Here’s the thing…

This program is designed to help you achieve:

✔ Fat Loss
✔ Decreased Cellulite
✔ Healthier, Smoother skin
✔ Increased Energy
✔ Better Cognitive Ability – Say Goodbye to Brain-fog
✔ Decreased Cravings
✔ Less Mood Swings
✔ Healthy Cholesterol Levels
✔ Improved Insulin Sensitivity
✔ Reduced Inflammation
✔ Better Long-Term Health

Keto diets are great – and even easy…but ONLY if you do these 2 simple things…

#1: Avoid inflammatory foods – even ones that are low-carb

This is one of those things that many “experts” either don’t know or just forget to tell you.

But it’s incredibly important.

You can lose weight and heal your body while eating foods like these chocolate fat bombs.

But you will not get great results if you’re still eating inflammatory foods. It just won’t work.

In particular, you must avoid seed oils and even dairy.

And I know you don’t want to give up your cheese . But the truth is that most people become inflamed when they eat dairy. And that inflammation will stall your weight loss and keep you from getting healthy.

But the good news is that you can still eat delicious foods – even desserts – like these without ever missing the dairy or other inflammatory ingredients…

#2: Faster, Simpler, and Easier – You CANNOT Pretend That You’ll Have More Time or Willpower than You Really Will

This sounds so obvious. Doesn’t everyone want to make their life faster, simpler, and easier?

The problem is that you get excited or determined, and you start planning to cook gourmet meals, to go to the gym every morning, and to never eat another cookie .

And while those are worthy goals, it’s almost impossible to stick to them for a long time.

You might have to work late one night, your kids might get sick, or you could just be tired and irritable one day. In other words, life happens.

But the fact is – you already know the solution.

Instead of relying on willpower or luck, you must surround yourself with delicious Keto foods that are fastsimple, and easy.   This program includes recipes that can be made in less than half an hour and includes a Keto Swap and Substitutions Guide to help you stay on track!

Summer is fast approaching…

And I’ve got just one question for you.

Are you ready?

Are you ready to get – and STAY – in shape, without eating a diet barely suitable for a small child?

Are you ready to feel confidence you’ve never felt before? The kind of confidence that lets you undress without worrying your partner’s looking at you in disgust.

Are you ready to look, and FEEL better than at ANY OTHER MOMENT IN YOUR LIFE?

Woman Smiling - Feel Amazing - Benefit of Keto Diet Program by Dr. Tara Clapp, ND


Then click the big button below to begin your transformation.

Shift Your Body Into “Fat-Burning Mode” With KickAss Keto

FINALLY, you’ll be able to sculpt that dream figure you’ve always wanted…

And all while feeling happier, more-confident, and more energetic!

Here’s a “sneak peek” at some of what’s inside:

Program Guide

Program Guide

A comprehensive resource manual that shows you the best ways to keep motivated… even when you feel like giving up…

Measurement Sheet

Measurement Sheet

A KickAss Keto Measurement Sheet: Track your progress each week – see the inches melting off as you follow this program

"Unlimited Workouts"

Unlimited Workouts

Amazing “Unlimited Workouts” that melt away a TON of fat - but don’t feel like exercise… letting you get slim, healthy and fat-free without torturing yourself in the gym.

6-Week Keto Meal Plans

6-Week of Keto Meal Plans

Low-carb, nutrient dense recipes designed to load the body with powerful nutrition. Including green juices, anti-inflammatory drinks, smoothies, snacks, main courses and incredible desserts. You will love the recipes.

Print & Go Grocery Lists

Print & Go Grocery Lists

Take the guess work out of what to buy with weekly print & go grocery lists.

Swaps & Substitutes Guide

Swaps & Substitutes Guide

Don’t like one of the recipes? Maybe you are out of town and not able to cook? Follow this easy substitution guide so you won’t get derailed on your program!

How to Avoid The Keto Flu

How to Avoid The Keto Flu

Learn the key foods and supplement to include so you feel great every day. When you do Keto the right way, you can avoid the dreaded flu!

Low-Carb Keto Sweetener Guide

Low-Carb Keto Sweetener Guide

We all have a sweet tooth! Learn what sweeteners you can use in your baking so you never feel deprived!

Transitioning Out of Keto Guide

Transitioning Out of Keto Guide

While I believe the keto diet is amazing for resetting metabolism and losing the weight, it can be a challenge to eat this was forever. Learn the tips and techniques so you can transition out of keto, keep the weight off, and keep your metabolism revved!

Does a Thinner, Leaner, Healthier Body Sound Good To You?

Then join the KickAss Keto program today by clicking below!

You will get immediate access to the resources and material, and the only thing left is to get ready!

Because things are about to change.

You’re about to start transforming your body into the ultimate “fat-burning machine”.

You’re about to start sculpting your dream body… your dream physique…

And you know what I think you’ll like the most?

Not only will you look great..

You’ll FEEL great!

No more “getting out of breath” from every day tasks.

No more excuses about getting undressed in front if your partner.

You’ll want to SHOW OFF your body!

The KickAss Keto program works. And it works a LOT better than anything else out there, Why? Well, there’s a few reasons:

  • It’s based on actual science
  • MOST IMPORTANT: it transforms your body from a sugar-harbouring machine, to a slick, well-oiled fat-burning machine.
  • It’s designed to fit around busy, modern-day lifestyles
  • The meal plans ensure you don’t experience cravings an hour or two after eating

And it has proven itself, time and time again, to be unanimously effective.

To get started click below for instant access

See you on the inside!

Disclaimer: This program is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any illness or disease. The information provided in this program is for general educational purposes, has not been reviewed nor approved by the FDA and is not intended to take the place of advice from your medical professional, licensed dietician or nutritionist. You are solely responsible for your health care and activity choices.  Participation in this challenge does not constitute a client-coach relationship.

Let me introduce myself…

My name is  Tara Clapp and I’m a naturopathic doctor who helps people transform their lives by educating and supporting them.

I put this challenge together to make it EASY for people to get back on track with their health and fitness goals.  I know how difficult it can be to try to make health and lifestyle changes on your own.   Now you’ll be plugged into a community of people that share your same goals.

I’ll be there to help you every step of the way.

I’d love it if you could join us!

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